Cooling System Maintenance

Coolants and Anti-freezes


Keep it cool. Using the correct engine coolant and antifreeze for your vehicle is critical to prolonging cooling system component life and reducing the risk of cooling system failure.More >>

What Our Technicians Do

The following components are inspected. Their condition is recorded and compared to manufacturer's specs. Recommendations are made per the Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines:


Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Visual Inspection

  • Interior controls and blower
  • Radiator coolant level, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat
  • The A/C compressor belt for condition and tension
  • Leaks or other damage
  • Component condition, leaks or damage


Heating and Air Conditioning Tests

  • Pressure test engine cooling system
  • A/C system pressures are measured and compared to manufacturer's specifications
  • A/C system is leak tested
  • Both the heater and A/C are performance tested by checking the outlet air temperature at the discharge vents
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